An Ode to my Ugly Curtains

You were free! No money was exchanged for you! In fact you were here when we moved in. Although, I must say, you’ve gotten less ugly in the years that I have owned you. And you blend into my decor like a ninja chameleon. It’s like nobody even notices you! Well, that is, besides that […]

The Day I Almost Lost My Ring

I enjoy writing light-hearted posts and telling funny stories from a homemaker’s perspective. That was always my vision for this blog. But, every once in a while, something happens that really makes you think. And, oh boy, did this make me think. It made me think about marriage. It made me think about life, and […]


So, I had a double ear infection – which meant that my face was super swollen and I couldn’t hear so good for a while. Also, sooo many doctor’s visits (5+). That, in addition (like there needed to be an addition) to the all around craziness in the Giraffables household this month meant that posting […]