An Ode to my Ugly Curtains

You were free! No money was exchanged for you! In fact you were here when we moved in.


Tan. Tan is so boring.

Although, I must say, you’ve gotten less ugly in the years that I have owned you.

And you blend into my decor like a ninja chameleon. It’s like nobody even notices you!

Well, that is, besides that one dude, who spontaneously said we should get red curtains. That idea made no sense. I mean, look at the room – that would be too much.

Ugly curtains, you are pretty okay!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to my Ugly Curtains

  1. Free > than buying house stuff. Always. My curtains were already in my apartment when we moved in, too. I am not really the type to notice stuff like…curtains. Although I agree they are a good idea. We didn’t have any curtains in China but we hung a spare bedsheet over the curtain rod in the bedroom and called it good. 😛


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