An Ode to Aloe Vera Plants


The one, the only – the original Aloe Vera. This is the plant that started it all (at least for me).

Aloe Vera plants, you dun’ took over my windowsills. You dun’ occupied all my pots. You’ve been alive longer than any other plant that I’ve owned.

This is because you are pretty much impossible to kill.

Or, at least that’s what I think. 0.o

Either way, you are not that difficult to keep alive – which makes you my favorite plant ever.

You are also really handy to have around. Your fronds can be hacked off, peeled, rinsed, and:

And once we hack off your limbs for our own uses, what is it that you do, Aloe Vera? Why you spawn little baby Aloe plants, of course! This is followed by a rapid growth spurt because that, of course, is the reasonable response to losing limbs and reproducing.


These are three of my “babies.” Also, watering can!

Aloe Vera, you are such a self-sacrificial, useful plant.

I am still in awe of the fact that I bought one of you and now I have 5.

Many you spawn many more minions in the future, for you will always have a place on my windowsills.




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