The Day I Almost Lost My Ring

I enjoy writing light-hearted posts and telling funny stories from a homemaker’s perspective. That was always my vision for this blog. But, every once in a while, something happens that really makes you think. And, oh boy, did this make me think. It made me think about marriage. It made me think about life, and relationships.

It also ’bout gave me a heart attack. But, I won’t delay any longer.

Last week I was in the grocery store with a cart full of food stuff. I got into line, loaded my groceries onto the belt, put them back into my cart, paid and went off to the side to put my receipt into my purse. As I opened my wallet, I realized that something was missing. I looked down at my hand, and realized, to my horror, that my engagement ring was gone.

My wedding band was there, but my engagement ring was not.

I tried to console myself by deciding that it must have fallen out in my purse, but it was not there. Next I checked my cart. It was not there. I checked the floor around the cart. Same result. I repeated the cycle again, starting with my purse, but this time checking my wallet. Same result.

By now I was beginning to panic. Sometime in between the first and second cycle I had started to pray – mostly that the ring would reappear. So far it hadn’t. What if it was back at the apartment? I briefly considered leaving. I looked over at the cashier who had checked me out. She looked busy. I waited for a minute or so, to see if the line in front of her would thin out. I didn’t want to be a nuisance, after all. But, when it showed no signs of slowing I decided to bite the bullet (the German language bullet, in my case), and ask her if she had seen it. We looked around her stand and it was not there. I was just about to retrace my steps through the store when a male voice in the back of the line called out “Excuse me!” In his outstretched hand was the very ring that I had been looking for. It must have fallen off when I was loading groceries onto the belt.

Words cannot describe the gratitude and relief that I felt. The dude could have pocketed it and sold it. There are plenty of people in this world who would have done just that. But he gave it back to me. I am thankful for the honesty that the man displayed and for the God who heard my frantic pleas. He knew where the ring was all along, and He made sure that it got back onto my hand.

As I exited the store, I remember thinking about how fragile relationships are. How easily they can deteriorate. How quietly they can slip away, like my ring did, off my finger. My ring was too loose, and I knew it. But, I ignored the problem. I was complacent, which *spoiler alert* is never a good idea.

I don’t know about you, but complacency is not something that I want characterizing any aspect of my life – especially my relationship with my husband. When I got that ring back I clung to it. I treasured it. I valued it, because I had almost lost it.

The experience caused me to take a closer look at my marriage. How often do I take my husband for granted? How much effort am I putting into our relationship? Marriage (as anyone who has ever been in one for any length of time knows) takes work. There’s no room for complacency. In the end, you can buy another ring, but you can’t buy another relationship.

Anyways, I thought I was broken up about almost losing my ring. When I went home and told my husband he was mortified. There’s a big long story about why he bought the ring that he did – it would have been awful coming home without it.

So, now, question time: what would you do if your ring was too loose? We’re thinking about getting it resized – or perhaps getting a rubber ring guard.

For now, a twisty tie will have to do (sounds silly, but it works!).

2 thoughts on “The Day I Almost Lost My Ring

  1. Oh man, so scary!! That would have been a nightmare for me–but good thing you were persistent in looking for it and that the right person who would be honest found it and got it back to you! I can only imagine how crushed I would feel if I lost my ring–mine is a bit too loose, too, but I solved that by wearing another ring that’s a quarter-size smaller on top of the ring.
    I wear a stainless steel ring on my pinky–it was like $3, I picked it out for myself two Christmases ago. It’s also big, and this ring has fallen off all sorts of places–grocery store, mall, movie theater. It often falls off when I’m sleeping and then Angel finds it when he makes the bed. It actually got lost for a month or more inside my parents’ house, but it eventually turned up and they returned it to me. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I lost this ring, as I think it’s pretty inevitable, but after nearly 1.5 years, losing/finding this ring has become such a tradition that I think I will definitely miss it when the ring finally disappears for good.
    How long have you guys been married?


  2. Yeah, I know, it was awful! If I had gone home without it… *shudders*
    We actually ended up buying a cheap pack “ring adjusters” – which are basically long, thick strips of clear plastic that are coiled. There were two different sizes – the larger size actually fit around both my wedding and engagement bands (binding them together in a pun-like fashion!). You wrap them around as many times as you need for a snug fit and then cut off the excess. It’s comfortable and works really well (and nobody sees it). What I like is that it keeps my ring from twirling around on my finger. My diamond stays upright now -which is awesome.

    We’ve been married for 4 and 1/2 years now (so we’re, what, 2 or 3 years behind you and Angel?). It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure – one that gets better every year.


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