An Ode to my Popcorn Machine


Popcorn machine, you make our lives fluffier with an abundance of kernels.

Popcorn machine, you add a retro vibe to my kitchen – which justifies the counter space that we sacrificed when we purchased you.

You have increased our intake of salt and butter, and for that I can only say: bless you.

You provide a much needed snack option for a household that generally avoids packaged foods.

You fill the air with the delicious toasty smells of corn and buttery goodness.

Game nights have been much more exciting since you arrived.

Sometimes, when I sweep, I find popcorn kernels under the couch. This is neither a pro, nor a con, it just “is.”

Your arrival catapulted the phrase “buttery popcorn snacks” into our everyday vocabulary.

Popcorn machine, you will forever be welcome in my kitchen!

My only regret is that we have no dog to scare with the cacophony of sounds that you emit.

Anyone else have a popcorn machine?

2 thoughts on “An Ode to my Popcorn Machine

  1. That is a seriously cool popcorn machine. We had an air popper in Michigan and I loved it–we sure went through a lot of popcorn. We no longer own such a delightful invention…I’ve never seen air poppers for sale around here…so now, if we want popcorn it’s the old-school method of heating up popcorn in a heavy-bottomed pan with a little bit of oil and a lid. It definitely works…but it requires attention to prevent burning and that does not always seem worth it…


  2. Thanks! It was a Christmas present, in the sense of, we were given Christmas money, so we bought if for ourselves! Amazon actually has a presence over here, so we were able to order it through them.

    I’ve tried the pan method before – I’m really not very good at it. So, basically, before the machine came along we rarely had popcorn. This was a sad time in our lives… *facepalm*


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