The Absent-Minded Girl’s Guide to Salvaging Burnt Rice

So, there I was happily (and obliviously) typing away on my computer when the smoke alarm went off.

I was like: ???!!?!

I rushed into the kitchen to find smoke pouring out of a pot of rice that I could have sworn I just put on the stove (ha!). Chaos, of course, ensued.

Windows were opened, much flailing happened, and the smoke alarm may or may not have been assaulted. I managed to save most of the rice (thank God – that stuff was organic) but it was bitter and smelled like smoke.

Also, this happened to my pot:


Soaking + vinegar is helpful here (…. Not that this has ever happened to me before *ahem*).

So, I took to Google, naturally – and jackpot! Apparently, you can use onions to absorb the burnt flavor.

I tried this, and it actually worked pretty well. eHow (the source of the article that I linked) says to use the papery outer layers of two or three onions, but I actually just sliced one onion and spread the pieces over the top of the rice. In the future I’ll probably use an additional onion, but, still, the bitter flavor was noticeably reduced (and the onion pieces smelled burnt, after I removed them!).

So, there you go, how to salvage burnt rice – again most of this info was sourced here:

  1. Save what you can (i.e. put everything that isn’t burnt into a separate pot or container).
  2. Slice up an onion or two (or three!).
  3. Scatter the pieces over the surface of the rice.
  4. Cover your rice and onions with a lid or a plate.
  5. Wait 15 minutes or so, and BOOM! Your rice should be fixed.

If it’s not completely fixed, it should least taste a lot better than it did before. This is good information, at least for me, ’cause I’m a complete airhead and have done this a couple times before.

How about you? Have you ever burned your rice?

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