An Ode to Purple Sneakers

I grew up wearing random athletic shoes until I got into college. Somewhere during my first year I became aware of the myriad of different footwear options available to me. I don’t remember what shoes I was wearing at the time, but I do remember what I replaced them with: Roos.

Roos, or KangaRoos are awesome colorful sneakers with zippered pockets built into the sides. I remember my pair vividly: their colors were baby blue and golden brown, and they were made out of some sort of leather-like material. They were narrow and long, and made my feet feel disproportionately skinny. And, of course, they had zippers. I enjoyed them immensely, but they did not feel like me.

I don’t remember what happened to them – I must have worn them for quite a while. But the pair that came along next changed my life.

Oh, New Balance purple suede and canvas sneakers, how I adore you. I have worn various versions of you almost every day for the past ten years, and yet you always manage to feel fresh.

The first pair was a reddish purple pair that shone like a rich dark plum in its light grey shoe box. I held a funeral service for it when it finally collapsed under the rigors of daily wear, years later.

For those of you who don’t do links, here’s a similar pair (but in blue):


Also, this is a stock photo – not a skinny jeans-wearer.

Now imagine those in lovely reddish purple color! Pretty right?

The second was a bright purple canvas pair that accompanied my husband and I on our travels around the US.

Oh, the things those shoes have seen.

They made it all the way to Europe and lasted two whole years over here before I had to tearfully dispose of them.

The third pair was suede, like the first, but dyed a slightly darker shade of purple:


Sorry about the quality: old iPod photo. *shrugs*

They were lovely (as you can see), but only made it a year before falling apart. (This is probably because I bought  unisex pair that fit a bit looser-lesson learned, properly fitting shoes last longer).

They were also lovingly disposed of when I bought my current pair:


Eek for hand wound! Probably happened in the kitchen. 0.o


These are no longer brand new, but still, stylish – am I right? It’s like, purple sneakers: the faux leather edition! Pretty sweet.

We have tromped through many a forest together.

We have scrambled over many a rock together.

We have trotted down many a sidewalk together.

Oh purple sneakers, you are seriously the best.

Side note: My husband and I have recently started a new exercise regime. When I put on my ancient pair of actual athletic shoes (these may or may not be the pair that I replaced with the Roos back in my college days) my hubby was like: “We may have to get you some new shoes.”

I jokingly replied: “Why, because they’re ugly?”

He very seriously answered: “Yes.”

So, now I’m thinking cobalt blue, or irish green… Because there can only be one pair of purple sneakers. Plus, the more colors the better…As long as I can keep my sneakers.



2 thoughts on “An Ode to Purple Sneakers

  1. I have written odes to much-loved possessions before. Angel bought me a pair of grey and fuschia Adidas right after we got married and I’m thinking they’ll need to be replaced pretty soon because they’re starting to get pretty rough…that shows how infrequently I actually wear real athletic shoes. I wear Chacos for most hiking since we’re in the tropics and everything is hot and muddy…and I wear converse for normal walking around the city…actual athletic shoes are a rare sight on me but my gray/fuschia Adidas have been my perfect pair for the past 6+ years!


  2. Oh yes, fuschia! That’s another color idea! I tend to wear my sneakers everywhere – except in the summer…then I wear sandals. Or to church or on dates, then I’ll pull out my ankle boots or knee highs. Should get a cute pair of flats at some point. I’m like super low maintenance with footwear. I’ll wear like hiking boots on, um, hikes – but otherwise I haven’t really had a reason to pull out my athletic shoes in years.

    Hooray for exercise!


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