Goofy Hacks: Toilet Paper? Whaaa?

Note: I thought about titling this post “Toilet Tissue Issues,” but decided against doing so (for obvious reasons).

This is my problem: I am an American, living in a tiny European apartment, without closets. This means that storage can be a bit challenging. For example:


This is my only bathroom.

Well, technically, I have a shower room. Without a toilet.  Just a shower – and a washing machine. This was quite strange at first, but I got used to it.

Anyways, my closet-sized bathroom is lovely. Outside of the bathroom (to the left of the door) is a sink. It is a lovely sink, as one would expect, with such a lovely bathroom. (Yes, my trash can is less than lovely. No I do not want to spend money on a new one).

So, at this point, you may be wondering, “So, Lynn, what is the problem? What is wrong with your lovely bathroom set up (key word, lovely)?”

Well my friends, here is the answer: there is no discreet place to store extra toilet paper. Yes, I have a metal toilet paper stand. Yes, it is very useful. But it only holds like a quarter of a pack. And, if you stick the rest of the pack on the floor, your bathroom is suddenly less lovely, and more tacky (unless the toilet paper that you buy is like, french, or something. This is because french packaging is pretty).

Note: This would not bother me, if it were a random bathroom, tucked away, adjacent to my bedroom, or something. But this is a guest bathroom! And my only bathroom! My only bathroom that is also for guests!

So, what’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what I did: for like two years I stored my extra toilet paper packs in the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen. This was annoying, but it worked. Eventually, though, I became aware of the extra space on the shelf above my coat rack – directly across from the bathroom.

And, then I saw a giant purple bin for sale at a discount store.

And I put two and two together.

Behold: My giant purple bin of toilet paper!


Also, in the mirror, you can see my lovely sink. Isn’t it lovely?

But, seriously, I can hold like two huge packs in that bin. This makes me happy (mostly because I don’t have to go to the store as often and I no longer have toilet paper in my kitchen).

So, now I want to know: has anyone else had this problem? Or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “Goofy Hacks: Toilet Paper? Whaaa?

  1. I have two more bathrooms than you do. This is not a brag, rather a fact. Regardless, I still have thought about where I would hide all the fabulous “sale-priced” toilet tissue. Like you, I don’t want it out on display. But I have seen several nifty toilet paper holders on the market that make an effort to give you the opportunity to load scads of paper on this otherwise work of art, if you so choose.

    But…you don’t want (I don’t want) the toilet paper getting dusty, or being accidentally splashed in any way. Plus, I want to have easy access to it before I run out in one of the other bathrooms.

    What did I do? I made room under all the counters in all the bathrooms for the paper. Some bathroom spaces are better then other spaces. What I wouldn’t want to happen would be the plumbing dripping on the paper. So…I hold my breath! Obviously, your idea is much better even though I have more bathrooms. Not a brag, just a fact!

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    • First comment! Yay!

      You know what, that is an idea – a bigger toilet paper holder. For some reason that hadn’t occurred to me. I got mine for a couple bucks at Ikea (go figure). I also don’t like that fact that my paper is exposed to the air, but I didn’t see anything else at the time. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for other options.

      Also, if I had counters in my bathroom I would totally do what you are doing. I would much rather keep it in the actual room – for easy access reasons as you said.

      So yeah, thanks! You can never have too much toilet paper. =)

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