Cleaning Your Tub the Natural Way

Don’t you just hate a dirty tub? When my husband and I moved into our first apartment together, the tub was a light yellow color. I didn’t think anything of it, until I scrubbed it for the first time – aaaaand found out that it was white under all that gunk. White! I was mortified.

But, turns out that it’s really easy to keep your tub clean, and without a truckload of chemicals at that.

Here is what I use:


That is baking soda you see in the back.

Side note: for those of you looking for something stronger, Wellness Mama has this awesome looking scouring powder recipe that I haven’t actually tried. But, I respect it very much:

Anyways, I start by sprinkling my tub liberally with baking soda, as mentioned above.

Second side note: You would think that the container for said baking soda pictured above would be a good idea because of the shaker in the lid. It is not. I have to hold the lid in place when I am using it because it likes to fall off mid-shake, thereby leaving a gigantic pile of baking soda in the middle of my bath tub. This is not as helpful as it sounds. A gigantic rubber band would probably fix this problem – but…there’s a shortage in our household. It’s true! My husband’s office eats them.

Then I follow up with my handy dandy spray bottle (Third side note: I bought it as part of a matching set! I also have a green one and a pink one! Isn’t it cute?). I fill this spray bottle with vinegar and add in a squirt of dish soap. I find that this cuts through scum and grease really well. I mean, vinegar is decent degreasing agent, but dish soap, well, that’s just what that stuff does, you know?

Fourth side note: I read somewhere that tub gunk (as in the gunk that builds up on the side of your tub) is primarily the oil that your body produces emulsified with soap. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it makes sense in my mind. I’m sure that lotion and hair products and whatnot also contribute to the problem.

And then the scrub brush pictured is just a great brush for scrubbing.

So, to recap:

Baking soda: Great abrasive action. Sprinkle your tub liberally with this substance for best results.

Vinegar with a squirt of dish soap: I keep a spray bottle full of this concoction. It cuts through grease and breaks down scum. Use this liberally as well. The baking soda will react with the vinegar in this, so don’t be surprised if your entire tub starts hissing.

Scrub brush: For scrubbing. You could always try a wash cloth, but a brush is cheap enough and you really want something abrasive. Scrub until the walls and floor of your tub are smooth (underneath the grit of the baking soda, of course).

Rinse and rejoice!

Anyways, not the deepest post, but it’s cheap, easy, non-toxic (depending on your dish soap), and is one of those natural cleaning methods that actually works.

How do you clean your tub? What works for you?


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