How To Avoid Breaking All Your Stuff

Note: I am in no way implying that I have mastered this subject. I have broken many things and will continue to break many things in the future, I am sure. These are, however, a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that have helped – a bit. 0.o

Rule #1: Do not over-stuff containers (or anything else, for that matter).

Yes, you only have one under-the-bed storage box. No, it will not magically fix itself after you break it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you fill an under-the-bed box past it’s maximum storage capacity and then still expect it to be able to slide under your very low-to-the-ground bed. (Although, technically, getting it under the bed wasn’t the problem. It was getting it BACK OUT).


There is just no fixing that. Is there a way to fix that?

Rule #2: Do not put weight on non-load-bearing objects.

That flimsy laundry hamper in the color you loved?


Why, oh why, did you use it as a hand rail? When it was on its side? As you were getting up off the floor?!?

Moving on.

Rule #3: Actually pay attention to user manuals.

RIP sweet food processor that my husband brought home for me one day as a surprise. I didn’t think that leaving you running for 15 minutes with a bowl full of nuts would be a problem. If I had read the user manual I would have known that you were doomed to perish in a cloud full of smoke.

The nut butter was delicious, though.

Rule #4: Evaluate items for break-ability before making purchases.

Those thin, top heavy glasses that broke if you so much as blew on them? Bad idea. The first two laundry baskets you owned? We ran into one too many walls together. The way I see it, it’s better to pay a bit more for something that will last, then to spend money on something that will break in a few months. Because that sucks (I speak from experience, obviously). Sometimes it’s worth waiting until you can find the right product. For example, it took me forever to find a laundry basket that could survive my laundry routine (or, rather, me. 0.o).

And now, behold: perfection. A basket worth waiting for:


Notice the reinforced lip? The flexible but sturdy sides? The thick handles? This, my friends, is a laundry basket built to last. One year later and it’s still going strong.

Rule #5: Use common sense (which encompasses all of the above, really).

Don’t toss mugs from one hand to the other when putting them away.

Don’t push bins back into place with your feet – because scuff marks.

Don’t flail in a room with lamps.

Pay attention to door handles (they hook onto things when you are are walking through doorways. This will almost make you fall over).

Really, the key is to live intentionally. This is difficult for someone who has spent most of her life inside her own head. But, I’m tired of breaking things.

What about you? Any additional tips, stories, comments, etc?


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